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Many of us are looking for another way to be politically involved in our community.  The Placer Action Network (PAN) is a group dedicated to political activism and community service.  But we are also a registered political action committee (PAC).

With PAN, you can be politically active, choose to participate in community service activities, or be part of a group dedicated to opposing the current administration and everything for which it stands.  As a PAC, we can solicit funding from outside donors for independent expenditures (IE) directly targeting McClintock, LaMalfa, or other federal candidates.  As a PAC, we can also choose to participate in other state or local races.  Many of our members are registered Democrats, but since we are not affiliated with a particular political party, we also welcome those voters who choose to register as No Party Preference (NPP).  In theory, we operate like many other political clubs, but in practice we can be much more powerful and impactful.


  • President--Liz Moore
  • 1st Vice President-Program--Deana Rhoades
  • 2nd Vice President-Membership--Barbara Smith
  • Secretary--Jeanine Demmon
  • Treasurer--Julie Wedge


Don’t wait for the world to change. Change it yourself.